Carme Ruscalleda in front of Moments and Gastón Acurio in Terrat, the great gastronomic offer of Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona

Terrat, the gastronomic proposal of Gastón Acurio. Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.

In the heart of Barcelona, Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona is the best place to enjoy a gastronomic party, with proposals for different times of the day. Lunches with exclusive menus, international proposals with Peruvian roots, long after-meals with exquisite cocktails in four different environments where you can taste a modern interpretation of Catalan cuisine.

Terrat. Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.

With its two Michelin stars, the Moments restaurant continues to win awards and devotees thanks to its creative, fresh and healthy cuisine inspired by Catalan culinary culture. Run by chef Carme Ruscalleda and her son Raül Balam, Moments offers one of the best gastronomic experiences in Barcelona. Ruscalleda has become one of the most famous chefs in the country, reaching seven Michelin stars in her restaurants in Spain and Tokyo.

After the reopening of the hotel last March, Carme Ruscalleda and Raül Balam have prepared an exclusive menu under the name of “Felicidad”, inspired by the book that bears the same name and as a song to the kitchen and the territory. The menu is a reflection of the gastronomy and history that the book shows, from its beginnings in San Pol de Mar, to Tokyo and Barcelona. The dishes expose a cuisine that is reinvented through tradition, nature and creativity. In this way, Moments with two Michelin stars,   shows a gastronomic path that begins in the Maresme, reaches Tokyo and ends in Barcelona. The appetizers are “memory from a store” and follow the dishes where there is landscape, product, culture and creative freedom.

Moments. Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.

The most outstanding dishes of this new menu are: “The entertainment of the store”, “The cold soup of strawberries and tomato”, “The sea toast with prawns”, “The rice of espardeñas” or “The ice cream of water from sea ​​and clitoria ”. This “Happiness” menu will be followed by others in which the Ruscalledas are already working under the appetizing names of “Olympic Games” and “The Wonders of the World”. 

Blanc, is in the heart of the hotel. Blanc’s decor is as impressive as its menu. Open from 7 in the morning, Blanc’s menu focuses on local cuisine and natural ingredients, with preparations that respect tradition while adding an imaginative point. In the morning you can enjoy an à la carte breakfast.

Blanc. Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.

Isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Mimosa garden is the perfect oasis to enjoy the summer in Barcelona. A secret garden surrounded by mimosas and lavenders, where you can relax and enjoy delicious DelaCrem ice creams with original flavors such as lavender or rosemary, collected directly from our garden. Until August 29, the artist Raúl Beteta arrives at the Mimosa garden. In collaboration with the Villa del Arte gallery, Beteta exhibits some of his creations such as mechanical flowers, with petals that move when they detect human movement. 

Mimosa Garden Lunch. Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.

Terrat, the emblematic and exclusive terrace of the Catalan capital, returns to fill the days with gastronomy, leisure and fun for all who come. The Terrat rooftop has opened with more enthusiasm and strength than ever so that the locals and their visitors can return and meet up with friends there to enjoy the Mediterranean climate that the city offers.

Terrat’s coming-out could not overlook one of its greatest attractions: its tasty gastronomic proposal. The hallmark of the renowned chef Gastón Acurio materializes in a new summer menu full of freshness, originality and quality with Peruvian roots, nods to Japan and national products. A light and easy-to-eat proposal.

Terrat. Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.

Its specialties include ceviches, one of the most recognized dishes in Peru, as well as tiraditos, typical of Nikkei cuisine, and aperuanados makis such as “Anticuchero” and “Cevichero” that show the perfect fusion between Peru and Japan. To continue, Acurio proposes sharing dishes such as “Conchitas a la parmesana con truffle” or “Chifero dumpling with prawns and vegetables”, an explosive combination of flavors. And, of course, the “Chef’s style Sanguchitos”, two baos inspired by Chinese cuisine (chifa) also very present in Peruvian cuisine. Desserts such as the typical “Tres Leches” or “Choco-ginger” will be the most impressive ending before enjoying a fun and refreshing cocktail while contemplating the wonderful views of Barcelona.

The dishes created by Gastón Acurio will fill the rooftop summer evenings with rhythm from Wednesday to Sunday until mid-October.

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