Incentive measures for the renovation and modernization of tourist accommodations

In response to the negative impact that the health crisis has caused in the tourism sector, the Decree-Law 14/2021 of July 6 approved in the BOJA of July 12 pursues the economic revitalization of the sector by facilitating the modernization of establishments, the increase in category and the adaptation of its facilities to the requirements arising from the health crisis. 

The Decree-Law has 3 objectives: 

1º.- To renew and modernize the tourist accommodation plant to improve its competitiveness.

2º.- Facilitate the adaptation to higher categories.

 3º.- To support and encourage an essential sector for the economy of the Autonomous Community. 

As indicated in the explanatory memorandum, the objective scope of application of the measure are the tourist accommodation establishments legally built on urban land and that require extension or reform works for its renovation and modernization. So that in general, the rule allows to increase up to 15 percent of the buildability and occupancy in the plots where there is a tourist establishment, and can reach 20 percent to encourage actions of requalification that allow establishments to adapt to higher categories. 

In the event that the increase in buildability implies an increase in the objective use of more than 10%, it will be necessary to modify the applicable urban planning instrument. 

In short, this new regulation of the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía can be an important aid for the improvement of the hotel plant in our Community. It is aimed at facilitating the Government’s objective of providing the hotel business sector with an instrument to help the renovation of the hotel plant and its requalification. 

It also helps hotels to raise their category in the classification of tourist establishments and their competitiveness by allowing more space for customers to enjoy or to increase the services offered to them.

We hope that the local councils responsible for granting planning permission and, where appropriate, planning modifications will follow the same line established by the Junta de Andalucía and that this can be put into practice in an effective way in everyday life. It should also be noted that the projects that take advantage of these measures are subject, in any case, to planning permission and a report from the Ministry of Tourism.


Ramon Davila 

Member of the Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism


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